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As we become more and more dependent on government regulation to protect consumer privacy and data, we’re seeing quite the opposite from our representatives in Washington. De-regulation in favor of ISPs is clearly NOT in the best interest of consumers. This argument involves many different issues including the larger discussion of the right to lobby and provide campaign funding in the interest of corporations, net neutrality, and plain ol’ privacy.

The ongoing case of an Arkansas police department requesting that Amazon hand over a suspected murderer’s data from his Amazon Echo is one example where the technology of data collection is far out-pacing regulatory guidelines. But it’s not even a matter of fighting to catch up with technology in order to best protect us, but rather that the officials voted to represent our best interests aren’t even trying to protect us.

Let’s sift through all the political bullshit that is in the airwaves today, and try to think for ourselves vs. willingly subjecting ourselves to confirmation bias (we all do it, but can we at least try to absorb a balanced set of literature?). Regardless of political party or religion or whatever team you’re on, you’re a human being first. And as a human being, I do NOT want someone digging in my pockets or listening in on everything I say. Things are changing in society and nothing is more the case than with technology. And with these technological changes come cultural adaptation. That’s how we evolve and I get that. But the core of our right to privacy is being violated at the hands of people who represent us.

Yes, the case in Arkansas involves a murder. But the sensational nature of the case clouds the larger discussion of what information can and cannot be released to the government or anyone else for that matter. No, I don’t support murder. But I am suggesting that government and corporations need to reconcile the balance of privacy, commerce, and technology before I lose my shit. But hey, it’s cool. My shit is readily available on Amazon servers as I write this.

Before I’m discredited by someone who sees everything in a political lens, I have some right-leaning views, as well as some left-leaning views. See above my note about being a human being first.

My Echo is currently unplugged and is destined to be in the trash can.


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