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In my technology class this weekend, one of the points that my professor made was that only government regulation can halt the continued expansion of strong, ubiquitous platforms like Facebook or Google. This is due to the network effect where the more people sign up and depend on a given platform for some type of communication, the more powerful that network becomes. Acquisition costs go down for the owner of the platform, and those same costs go up for competitors. Because of the nature of this compounding growth, laws and policies must be adjusted in order to prevent monopolization and other unfair advantages that exist within the platform’s ecosystem.

Similarly, this techchrunch article argues that government intervention is necessary for A.I. to function in the best interest of people. A technology that is as powerful and experiencing growth as quickly as A.I. needs restrictions and guidance that would prevent automation from extinguishing much needed jobs, which is the biggest concern about A.I. I have a tendency to feel that the growth in technological tools and machines shouldn’t be hampered by regulation, but with such powerful technologies like A.I. I’d make an exception. So far, Trump hasn’t announced anything regarding government policy on A.I. technologies and their impact on jobs. I’d imagine that the field will grow very quickly, much like the internet did in the ’90s. During Trump’s presidency, the discussion of A.I. will become increasingly relevant. I just hope he and his cabinet have enough of an understanding of the technology’s implications that they take action early in his term.

I’ll continue to keep tabs on any industry or government updates on A.I. throughout the year. Fascinating stuff.

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