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I’d say the holiday spirit got the best of me as I missed yesterday’s post. I know I know… the 2nd day of the blog? Really? But cheers to getting back on it!

So there’s been much ado about fake news recently, most notably all the craziness that came about #pizzagate. I suppose fake news wouldn’t be so harmful if people were smart enough to distinguish between what’s real and fake – if you don’t know that The Onion is a satirical news publication, then you shouldn’t obligate yourself to educate people on current events. I’ll stop myself short of ranting.

If you were to Google “can a president run a third term” right now, you will find one of those (usually) helpful snippets at the very top of your results page describing President Obama’s declaration of running for a third term. Like #pizzagate, this is total BS.

Google and Facebook have both made steps to fight against fake news, saying that it has no valuable purpose and should be limited, if not done away with altogether. President Obama has also stated his case against it as well.

First thing that comes to mind is the damage that’s already been done to Comet Ping Pong, the D.C. place that was under attack re: #pizzagate. Regardless of the many published articles that state that it was a complete hoax, there’s no doubt that some patrons will avoid the place. Sure, there’ll be a few that would go just because it was the subject of a fake news story. But most customers would likely avoid it, especially if they have kids. Comet Ping Pong markets itself as a kid-friendly environment, but I can see parents avoiding it either because they fear that the fake news is somehow rooted in truth or fear of retribution from others who may still believe that they engage in child trafficking. Pretty unfortunate.

Secondly, satirical news publications have clear reason to worry. With major content sharing platforms and the President declaring their distaste of satirical news, they’ll need to take steps to find another angle. Personally, I’ve never been on the Onion nor any other fake news site as I think they’re a waste of time, but I’m not exactly sure what that other angle would be. Turning into a legitimate news source would be futile, given its history. News publications come a dime a dozen anyway. Regardless of whether they find another way to position themselves, at a minimum I expect legislation that mandates satirical news sources to clearly indicate that what they publish is bogus.

Incidentally, Comet Ping Pong looks pretty dope, amirite? Reminds me of an industrial themed SPiN New York, which I LOVED when I lived in the city.


Deuces. Oh… and HAPPY NYE!!!


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