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The first of my posts comes a bit earlier than the new year, but I figure that nothing says I shouldn’t post ahead of schedule. So here it is.

This first article is from WSJ and it speaks to reasons why some shoppers do not use Amazon for two main reasons: logistical and preference (of varying types). The general trend is an increase in usage of Amazon, but there are still some people out there who choose not to.

With all the advancements that Amazon is famous for, it will only be due time until Amazon goes after these remaining 17% of U.S. household primary shoppers. For one, Amazon has deployed a drone program and, most recently, filed a patent for a floating warehouse which will change the game for retail delivery. The “airborne fulfillment center” will be able to deliver quickly to designated locations, but it’s also been suggested that the service could be used for delivering event-specific products (say, at a football game where it could deliver purchased sporting apparel or food to event attendees) or, at low altitudes, could be used as advertising space like the Goodyear Blimp. This service would potentially navigate around logistical issues with the traditional service.

New York and other major cities’ apartments have issues that prevent smooth delivery. Many apartments don’t have doormen who can collect delivered packages (as mentioned in the article). With the drone service, packages wouldn’t ever need to be dropped off at a home or office, but rather directly to the individual almost instantly. This would work for smaller packages that the shopper could carry with them, but this would be less practical for larger packages. Amazon does have Amazon Lockers which are dedicated drop off locations at gas stations and other places. This service coupled with drones could serve the needs of these consumers eventually. Given Amazon’s push for innovative ideas and no fear of failure, I anticipate this will happen very soon.


Note: I will always include the other articles I read on each given day to reference in the future. Link below:

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